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The OSL healing prayers have been a significant part of the evangelical ministry of our Diocese. Come join us to experience the rich power of Jesus' healing touch.


The Durgapur Child Study and Development Centre String Orchestra will be setting sail to Great Britain in May, 2018. They will be performing in several churches and congregations in Derbyshire with their instructor Mrs. Ruth Pugh. 




 Summer Camp is an annual event in the Diocese where more than 300 children from the different child development projects come together to celebrate the joys of being children who are blessed by God. This year's theme for Summer Camp is "Incredible Me - 'fearfully and wonderfully made'''.

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Stories of Change


Dokra Making to a New Life

Dreams Do Come True

Jashoda Tudu was a landless labourer who used to work on other people’s farm for minimal wages. When there was no farm work she used to collect leaves from the forest and make leaf-plates. 1000 plates used to sell for Rs. 130 – Rs. 140.


She then met Ajit Tudu who is the Community worker for Community Development Project in her village. With his help Mrs.Tudu became a member of the local Self Help Group – Marangburu Adivasi Women’s Self Help Group. She started saving small amounts of money in the group for a year. In 2016, after the group was evaluated they were eligible for loans from the bank. Jashoda received Rs. 10,000 as loan.

She used the money to lease a farm land and to start her own piggery. After this, she learned from the Information Banks hosted by Community Development Programme that she was eligible for “Indira Awas Yojna” (Government Housing Scheme). Ajit again helped her file her forms and submitted them to the Panchayat. In 2017 she got a new house thanks to the scheme.


 “I am indebted to CDP in many ways. They showed a poor woman like me who used to struggle to make ends meet the way to hope. Today I have Rs. 3000 in my account; I could never dream of having this much money. They have brought peace and joy in my life and for that I am very very grateful to them.” - Jashoda Tudu.


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